ITW FastMag Gen4 No Tabs

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The latest generation of these proven polymer mag pouches: The combination of interior friction pad and outer tension bands keep magazines inside secure yet can be pulled out with a good yank and twist when desired. Placement of tension band or adding an additional one provides further tension options. 2 versions are offered, one with Stabilizer fins for PALS mounting, and one without for stacking or mounting to belts. To further distinguish the non-fin version, it comes with a belt adapter. Highlights on the Gen4 include easier to use mounting straps and adjusted spacing so can fit ontop and in between 2 other FastMags. As before, Pistol FastMags mount great to these rifle FastMags as well.


Holds most 30 round M4 5.56 / .223 ammo magazines

Reduces reload cycle time

Stackable with integrated mounting capability

Mounts to any MOLLE/P.A.L.S. 1” Web system

High-impact resistant polymer case w/ antifragmentation (reduces secondary shrapnel)

Slight twist draws mag out easily for quick reload

M-4 mag stays secure without pouch flap, hooks, cover, or lid

Retention strap can be removed for reduced friction

GhillieTex™ IR Signature Reduction Technology